Colour and Branding: What Your Colour Palette Says About You

Colour Pencils

In terms of branding, there’s a lot of different aspects you need to consider, like your brand philosophy, your brand voice, and how you want to connect with your customers.

Design also plays a big part in building a brand, and there’s one aspect of design that speaks more to your brand than you might imagine, and that’s colour.

Your brand colour palette actually says a lot more about your brand than you think. Here’s what your brand colour says about you:


The Effect Of Colour On Your Customers

People are heavily influenced by colour, even if they’re not consciously aware of its effect. According to the principles of colour psychology, colours have very real and specific effects on people and can inspire different feelings, reactions, and emotions. As a brand, you can leverage the power of colour to inspire strategic responses and emotional reactions from your customers.

For example, you can use specific colours to inspire feelings of trust, impulse your customers into spending more money, or position your brand as sophisticated, fun, responsible, or edgy. That’s how powerful colour is.

So, what does your colour palette say about you as a brand? Let’s look at a few popular colour choices and what they say about you to your customers:


If you choose blue…

If you choose blue to feature in your brand colour palette, you’re telling your customers you’re a brand they can depend on. Blue is shown to increase feelings of trust with consumers and is a heavy favorite of banks and financial institutions like Chase, Capital One, and Citi.

Blue is also one of the most universally appealing colours, with the majority of both men (57%) and women (35%) claiming it as their favorite color. So if you have a diverse audience and want to please the masses, blue is an excellent colour choice; that’s likely why a recent study found that 53% of logos incorporate blue in their colour palette.


If you choose green…

Green is definitely the go-to choice for your colour palette if you want to present yourself as a natural brand. People immediately associate the colour green with nature (think trees) and it’s a natural fit for an eco-conscious brand.

Green also inspired feelings of peace due to its nature ties, so if you want to position your brand as one that inspires calm (like a sleep supplement or a meditation app), green is the way to go.


If you choose red…

Red is one of the rainbow’s most passionate colours. If you choose red as the prominent colour of your brand, you’re telling your customers you’re a bold brand that isn’t afraid to take risks.

Red is also the colour of excitement and can cause feelings of anxiety – this might sound like a negative, but this mild anxiety and excitement can actually impulse customers to purchase more. That’s why red is a heavy favorite among retail brands like Target and Kmart.


If you choose black…

When people see black, they think sleek. Black is the colour of sophistication, and by leveraging it in your brand colour palette, you’ll position yourself as an upscale, luxury brand. Black is a heavy favorite among luxury retailers, travel, and automobile companies.

Whatever colour you choose, be sure to research the effect it will have on your customers. Colour speaks louder than you think, and you want to make sure it’s delivering the right message to your customers. If you’re not sure which colour palette is right for you, work with your design partner to come up with a colour palette that accurately represents your brand.


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