Colour Consistency in Print: Why It’s Important

pantone-chart-imageOne of the most important parts of any brand, is consistency. You want your audience to have a consistent brand experience whether they’re interacting with you in person, on social media, or through print.

But one area that many companies struggle with when creating a consistent brand experience is colour, particularly colour consistency in print.

Colour consistency in print is incredibly important to your overall brand. If a potential customer goes to your website and experiences your brand with one colour palette and then receives a marketing brochure in the mail with what appears to be a completely different colour scheme, it’s going to leave them feeling confused and unsure of you and your brand.

But why is colour consistency so important in print? And how can you ensure a consistent colour experience throughout all of your brand materials – both digital and in print?


Why Colour Consistency Is Important

As mentioned earlier, colour consistency in print is important because it creates a cohesive experience for your audience; when your branding appears the same on the page as it does on the screen, your audience will feel you’re a consistent brand they can trust. If your branding has one shade of blue on your website and a completely different shade of blue on your business card or marketing brochure, your audience is going to be confused.

Inconsistent colour in your print materials is also going to hurt your brand from a brand awareness and recognition perspective. If your colour palette looks entirely different in print than it does in digital, your potential customers aren’t going to recognize you and you’ll have a hard time building awareness and recognition within your market.


How Can I Ensure Colour Consistency In My Print Materials?

The last thing you want is to sign a proof from your printer only to have your print materials come back with completely different colours than you the one you saw on your screen.

Now that you know how important it is to create a consistent colour experience across print and digital mediums, how exactly do you ensure colour consistency in print?

Insist on Printed Proofs

Because computer monitors display colour in red, green, and black (RGB) while printers use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black, also known as four colour process), you’re highly likely to see one thing on your computer monitor and something completely different when it’s printed. There’s also a number of independent factors on your monitor, like the contrast and brightness, that can affect the way colours appear on your screen.

Before you approve a “colour important” print job, ask your printer for a printed proof. That way, you can see what the final product will look like – and ensure it’s colour consistent – before you approve the job.

Hire The Right Team

One of the biggest aspects of colour consistency in print is hiring the right team. You want to work with a print company that has experience in design and colour matching, and the right tools to ensure every job, no matter what type of material, has a consistent colour palette.

Colour management software and accurate and regular colour calibration are essential tools in helping your printer keep colour consistent across print jobs. Not only will these tools help keep your colour consistent from the screen to the page, but it can also help your printer determine how to best keep colour consistent when printing on different types of stock and paper.

Before choosing a print partner, ask about their experience in creating colour consistency for their clients.


How Can We Help?

At Rogue Print and Mail, our design team have been assisting businesses with creating Style and Brand guides for many years.  Our proven track record of delivering the highest quality graphic design and print services to professionals speaks for itself. With fast turnaround times, industry specific templates and design ideas, and expertise is the power of colours that will best promote your branding, Rogue Print and Mail is the preferred design and print partner for many hundreds of professionals across Australia.  

I sincerely hope that you found this information valuable.  For advice on effective branding, design and cross media marketing, please don’t hesitate to call me on 1300 65 85 00 or email me at  to arrange an obligation free 10 minute discussion with a member of our expert team.


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