Design and Marketing: How Good Design Helps Your Marketing

marketing-design-imageMarketing is one of the most important areas of your business. No matter how fantastic your product or service, if you don’t get the message out to your potential customers, no one will ever know it exists.

But having a solid marketing plan on its own just isn’t enough. In order for your marketing to generate the type of results you’re looking for, it needs to go hand-in-hand with good design.

Good design is so much more than just “looking good”. It can actually help you hit your marketing goals.

Here are 3 ways good design helps your marketing:


Design Can Drive Conversions

Marketing, at its core, is all about conversions. You want to get as many eyes onto your marketing message as you can, and then you want to convert as many of those eyes into paying customers as possible. And one way to get there? Great design.

Design can help to influence your audience’s behavior, including influencing them to hit the “purchase” button. By leveraging things like color psychology, specific placement of certain design elements, and even strategic font choices, you can encourage your audience to take certain actions, which can increase your conversions.

So, for example, let’s say you were creating a landing page and ultimately wanted to drive people to purchase your ebook. You could leverage different design elements to make that happen, like using red as the color for the purchase button (which, according to color psychology, inspires people to take action) or designing the layout to showcase the buy button in the place that people are most likely to click.

Great design not only looks polished – it can actually help you hit your conversion goals.


Design Can Reinforce Your Branding

You already know the importance of building a strong brand. But did you know that design can help to reinforce your branding and reach your marketing goals?

Let’s say, for example, you own a real estate consulting company and you want your audience to view you as traditional, corporate, reliable, and trustworthy. You can use design to reinforce those brand concepts with your customers.

By using design elements like sturdy font choices, traditional colors, and clean, simple graphics, you can reinforce your message and showcase your traditional values and trustworthiness through your design.

Or, on the flip side, let’s say you own a children’s clothing boutique and you want to be viewed as fun and child-friendly. In that case, you’d want to use whimsical font, pastel colors, and cartoon-like graphics.

By being strategic about design, you can make your brand messaging even strong with your audience.


Design Helps You Beat Your Competition

No matter what niche you’re in, you’re bound to have a healthy dose of competition. Nearly every industry under the sun is over-saturated, and you have to fight to get your audience’s attention.

But you CAN break through the noise and clutter to make an impact on your audience. One of the best ways to beat your competition and win your audience’s attention is through great design.

When given the choice between engaging with a brand that has mediocre design and a brand that has great design, your audience will always be pulled towards the great design. It’s like the old saying “you eat with your eyes first”; humans are visual creatures, and the more visually interesting something is, the more interested they are.

By investing in great design, you can get a leg up on your competition and build a larger audience.


How Can We Help?

At Rogue Print and Mail, our proven track record of delivering the highest quality graphic design and print services to professionals speaks for itself. With fast turnaround times, industry specific templates and designs, an online portal available for any groups that wish to work with us to be able to store and manipulate their templates, and an in-house team to guide you in all of your branding, design and printing needs, Rogue Print and Mail is the preferred design and print partner for many hundreds of professionals across Australia.  

I sincerely hope that you found this information valuable.  For advice on effective branding, design and cross media marketing, please don’t hesitate to call me on 1300 65 85 00 or email me at  to arrange an obligation free 10 minute discussion with a member of our expert team.


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