2017 Marketing Trends You’ll Want To Try In Your Business


With 2017 in full swing, most business owners are developing the marketing strategy that will carry them through the next 12 months and help them reach their yearly goals.

And while you’ll definitely want to stick with the marketing tactics that have proven successful in your business, you’ll also want to explore some of the trends that are set to take off in the upcoming year.

Here are a few marketing trends that you’ll want to try in your business to see serious results in 2017:


Leverage Buy Buttons

If you’re selling a product or service online, you’ll definitely want to explore adding “buy buttons” to your social media sites.

Buy buttons are exactly what they sound like; they’re buttons that you can add to your different social media profiles that allow your followers to buy your product or service directly from the social media site (rather than directing them to an outside shopping cart or other third party site).

Buy buttons already exist on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube. By integrating these buttons onto your social media sites, you’re able to eliminate an extra step in the buying process, which can help with your conversion rates; the more steps it takes to buy your product, the more people you’re going to lose. By allowing your customers to buy directly from your social media sites, you’re simplifying the process and making it easier for them to purchase from you.


Get Virtual

If you’ve been paying any attention to news out of the technology world, you’ve probably read that virtual reality is set to explode. And smart marketers are getting ahead of this trend and starting to create content to launch in the VR space.

You have a few different options for dipping your toes in the pool of virtual reality. If you feel that your audience is likely to be extremely engaged in the VR market, you might want to consider creating your own content. You can purchase a VR camera and film different experiences to create immersive, branded content for your audience.

So, for example, let’s say you’re an online retailer of surf apparel. You could have a surfer who works for your company take a VR camera out and capture the experience of being out on the surf and catching the waves. Then, you could use that content to create a VR experience to promote your apparel to your audience.

You could also find a popular content creator in the surf space and pay to sponsor their VR content, which would put your brand in front of their audience and drive traffic to your surf shop.

However you decide to move forward, virtual reality is a marketing trend you’ll definitely want to embrace in 2017.


Print Big

Print is one of those marketing strategies that will simply never go out of style. It’s effective, it’s affordable, and it needs to be a part of any successful marketing strategy in 2017 and beyond.

But this year, companies are stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing large scale printing to make a bigger and more impressive impact on their audiences.

With increased competition in nearly every market and industry in the world, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out. But large scale printing can help your company physically draw the attention away from your competitors and bring your audience directly to you.

Let’s say you were exhibiting at an expo and you wanted to grab the attention of people walking by. There are typically hundreds of exhibitors at an expo, and it takes something big to help you stand out and grab the attention of potential customers walking by. And that’s where large scale printing – in the form of big posters, pull up banners, and signage – comes in.

In 2017, embrace the trend and go big when it comes to printing.


How Can We Help?

At Rogue Print and Mail, our proven track record of delivering the highest quality graphic design and print services to professionals speaks for itself. With fast turnaround times, industry specific templates and designs, an online portal available for any groups that wish to work with us to be able to store and manipulate their templates, and an in-house team to guide you in all of your branding, design and printing needs, Rogue Print and Mail is the preferred design and print partner for many hundreds of professionals across Australia.  

I sincerely hope that you found this information valuable.  For advice on effective branding, design and cross media marketing, please don’t hesitate to call me on 1300 65 85 00 or email me at paul.stenhouse@rogueprintandmail.com.au  to arrange an obligation free 10 minute discussion with a member of our expert team.



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