4 Training Mistakes To Avoid

training mistakes imageBringing a new team member or independent contractor on board is exciting and can have a huge impact on your business. But their success hinges on the right training. In order to get the most out of your people, you need to give them the tools they need to succeed in the form of a well designed training program.

But not all training is created equal. Here are 4 training mistakes you definitely want to avoid if you want your new hires to be successful:
Not Giving Enough Training

One of the biggest training mistakes you can make is not investing enough time, energy and resources into training your new team member and getting them up to speed. Hiring someone (whether as a full-time team member or as an independent contractor) is a big investment, and not giving that person everything that they need to be successful in their new role is essentially wasting that investment. Even if you hired the most talented and competent person in the world, they’re going to need guidance to get up to speed on the company and everything that’s expected of them in this role.

Create an on-boarding and training plan for your new team members, and then make sure that you or a team member are available to follow through with it and actually train the person. Day 1 on the job should consist of on-boarding, HR and getting them up to speed with the way things run in your company (like who to go to with IT concerns or how to submit time-sheets or invoices), with the following days and weeks devoted to getting them trained on systems and job functions.

Every company is different, but if you want to get the most out of your new hires you should plan to spend at least a week of intensive on the job training followed by additional touch-bases and stand alone training over the course of the first few months.

While you certainly want to avoid not giving your team enough training, you also want to avoid going overboard and crossing the line between “training” and “micromanaging”.

It can be tempting to constantly check in on your new hire and ask them to tell you how they’re doing things to make sure they’re putting their training into action. But once your new hire has gone through your training process, you need to give them the space to get things done and actually implement the training. The vast majority of people don’t like to be micromanaged, and constantly hovering over your new hire can give them the impression that you don’t trust them to get the job done.
Not Setting Proper Expectations

It’s also important to set proper expectations for the training process and the beginning stages of the work relationship. Your new employee or contractor is absorbing a lot of information during training, and they need to know how they should implement that information, what priorities are and what you expect them to accomplish.

Set clear expectations during the training process and then set a time to touch base to follow up on progress (usually 60 – 90 days is a fair amount of time).
Not Checking In On Skill Level

A big mistake that a lot of people make in training people is assuming they have certain skills. For example, let’s say you hired a new graphic design partner, and you need them to design print marketing pieces for you in a specific program you use company wide. Assuming that they’re proficient in that program and not checking in on their skill level as it pertains to what you need is a huge training no-no.

Just because someone has a general set of skills (like graphic design or copywriting) doesn’t mean that they necessarily will have proficiency in every program you use or the right skills for every type of project you need completed.

For every program or project you train on, check in with your new hire on their skill level and proficiency. If they don’t have the right skill set, you may need to invest in additional training, assign that specific project to another team member or find an alternative program that will work with their existing skills.
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