5 Habits Of Highly Successful Business Owners

Keys to Success ImageIt goes without saying that you want your company to succeed. And as a business owner, a large part of that success depends on you. So what can you do to be more successful?

Here are 5 habits of highly successful business owners and how you can start to implement them in your business:


They Wake Up Early

One thing that nearly all successful business owners have in common is the fact that they get up early in the morning. Getting up earlier in the morning has a multitude of benefits: you’ll feel less rushed in the morning, you have more productive time during the day and you have extra time for personal pursuits, like exercise or meditation.

Make it a goal to get up one hour earlier each day. Use that hour to do something that you enjoy and that will set you up for a successful day, like going for a run, writing in a journal or setting your priorities for the day.


They Plan Their Day In Advance

Speaking of setting priorities for the day, another thing that successful business owners have in common is they plan their day in advance. Throughout the day, there are so many things that aim to grab your attention as a business owner, and as such it’s easy to get off track and lose sight of your ultimate goals and objectives. But by planning your day in advance (and sticking to your schedule), you accomplish the things that are most important to your business and it’s overall success.

Take 30 minutes the night before or morning of your work day and write down the flow of your day: the projects you want to work on, calls you need to make, leads you need to follow up on. Then, prioritize them so that they most important projects get tackled first. You’ll also want to plan in some “cushion time” to handle any of those attention-grabbing tasks that pop up during the day.


They Limit  Email and Meeting Time

Two of the biggest time drains in any business owner’s day are cleverly disguised as essential parts of a functioning business: emails and meetings. While they’re necessary (you can’t entirely eliminate emails or meetings from your schedule), it’s easy for them to take way more time then they need to. A busy business owner could easily spend an entire day responding to messages in their inbox peppered in with a few meetings. While this may feel productive, it actually blocks you from being truly productive in your business.

Successful business owners limit the amount of time they spend per day responding to emails or attending meetings. For emails, schedule two times per day where you read and respond to emails – once in the morning and once mid-afternoon is an effective schedule. Then, for the rest of the day, don’t look at or engage with your inbox. If you’re worried about client messages not getting responded to or your team feelings neglected, let them know your new schedule and when they can expect responses to their messages.

When it comes to limiting meetings, it’s all a question of necessity. When scheduling a meeting, ask yourself “is this meeting 100% necessary? What is my desired outcome, and is there any other way to get that desired outcome?” For many meetings, you can get your desired outcome by simply sending a few emails.


They Read

One of the keys to success in business (and in life) is to read. Reading not only exposes you to new information, it can also expand your way of thinking and help you approach your business in a new way.

While it goes without saying that you should read books about your industry, you don’t want to limit your reading to that category. Read books that inspire and challenge you; the insights that you’ll get from those books, whether they’re business related or not, will have a huge impact on you and your success as a business owner.


They Focus On Their Health and Well-being

One mistake that many business owners make is being hyper-focused on their business. While dedication is admirable, your dedication to your business can’t come at the expense of yourself or your well-being. Think of it like flying on a plane: if the plane is going down, you need to put on YOUR oxygen mask before you can help anyone else with theirs. It’s the same thing in business – you need to take care of YOURSELF before you can effectively take care of your business. Because if you’re completely overwhelmed and burned out, you’re not going to be able to provide the service and leadership that your team and customers need and deserve.

Make the time to exercise and eat well. Get plenty of sleep. Recognize when you’re approaching burnout and take a day off. While it might seem self-indulgent, taking care of yourself is actually a good thing for your business.


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