Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents: Hook Them With Headlines


People are bombarded with messages online everyday: from email to advertisements and pop ups to blog posts, there’s an almost constant stream of brands and companies trying to get consumers attention in the digital space. And this is especially true in the ultra-competitive real estate space. Your competition, whether it’s other agents or larger real estate firms, is constantly coming up with new tactics and messaging to reach the audience you’re going after and get your potential clients to commit to doing business with THEM instead of YOU. And the truth of the matter is if you can’t get them to read your messaging, your competition has won the battle before it’s even started.

But how do you break through all of the real estate noise and get your brand and message in front of the clients that you can help most? Well, you need to make a good first impression. You need to hook them with headlines.


Why Do You Need A Great Headline?

A great headline is an absolute must for any marketing messaging that you’re putting out to potential clients. Whether it’s an email subject line or the title of a blog post, the headline is the first thing that your potential clients read. It’s what clues your audience in on what they can expect from you and is the deciding factor with whether they want to move forward and hear your message or not. A headline can literally make or break your content marketing efforts; you can have a great piece of content, but if you have a terrible headline, no one’s going to read it.


What Makes A Great Headline?

A great headline has a few different components:

Short And To The Point

A great headline is short and to the point. You want to get people excited about what they’re going to read in as few words as possible. Keep in mind that most content mediums (like email subject lines or blog posts titles) AND the platforms to share them (like Twitter and Facebook) have a character limit before they cut off your headline, so make sure that it’s short enough to fit inside those parameters.

Attention Grabbing

The most important element of a great headline is that it grabs people’s attention and compels them to continue reading (or in other words, “hooks” them). Use compelling language, and craft a headline that gives them a sneak peek of the content they can expect but leaves them wanting more.


While it’s important to make sure that your headline grabs your audience’s attention, it’s equally important that your headline is honest. You don’t want to bait and switch your audience and write a headline that’s misleading; if your audience doesn’t find relevant content that fits with your headline, it’s going to lessen their trust for you.


How Do I Write A Great Headline?

Writing a great headline will take some practice, trial and error, but here are a few tips to get you started:

Appeal To Emotions

If you want your audience to read your content, you need to appeal to their emotions. By incorporating language that speaks to their experience, you’re going to significantly increase your conversion rate.

So, for example, let’s say you’re targeting people who are selling their home. Instead of writing a blog post with the headline “A Guide To Selling Your Home”, try “The Essential Guide To Getting Out Of Overwhelm and Selling Your Home Without Ripping Your Hair Out”. The second title appeals to the stress that home sellers are likely feeling as they prepare to put their home on the market, and they’re far more likely to continue reading.

Solve A Problem

One way to instantly hook your audience is to use a headline that promises to solve a problem that they’re facing. So, for example, let’s say you want to write an ebook targeted towards people purchasing their first home to explain the mortgage process. A headline like “Mortgages 101: Demystifying The Mortgage Process For First Time Home Buyers” will let your readers know that you understand their problem and, most importantly, that you know how to fix it.

Write Multiple Headlines

Most people can’t write great headlines on the first try. Instead, for every piece of content you develop, brainstorm 10 – 15 headlines. The first few likely won’t be anything special, but the more you right, the better your headlines will become.


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