Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents: Writing Email Copy

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We’ve already talked about the importance of email marketing in your real estate business and gone over some tips to help you build your email list. And once you have your email list, you should be emailing them on a regular basis.

But just like writing for social media or advertising, writing email copy is a very specific skill and there are certain ways to structure your content to get the best results.


Choose The Right Subject Line

It’s a known fact that most people are inundated with hundreds of emails a day: personal emails, emails related to their business and emails from individuals and brands looking to turn them into customers. Choosing the right subject line is an absolutely essential piece of writing solid email copy, and it’s also arguably the most important piece, since it’s what determines whether or not a potential client opens your email. You have to craft a message that will stand out from the clutter of their inbox and compel them to click the “open” button to learn more.

When you’re choosing a subject line, try to come up with something compelling and enticing. You want the message to leave them intrigued and wanting more. If possible, you also want to create a “fear of loss” and make the end user think that whatever is inside that email is something a) time sensitive and b) they don’t want to miss out on.

So, for example, say you were sending out an email to your list highlighting a new property. Instead of using the subject line “New Property Available”, you might want to try something along the lines of “HOT New Property Showing THIS SATURDAY ONLY”.


Always Personalize

One of the fastest ways to drive people to the “Delete” button is to send out an email that reads like it could be addressed to anyone. Bulk, generic emails have a significantly lower open rate than emails that are more tailored to an individual. People respond to personalization.

Almost all email management tools (like AWeber, Constant Contact or MailChimp) have personalization options that allow you to use code in order to insert someone’s personal information that was collected during opt-on directly into an email template.

So for example, instead of sending an email that opens with “Hello XYZ Real Estate Subscribers”, you can insert a personalization code to address each individual subscriber. So, if you’re sending an email out to John Smith, you can have the email read “Hello John”, “Hello John Smith” or “Hello Mr. Smith”.


Use Action Oriented Language

When writing email copy, it’s important to use action oriented language in order to influence your audience and get the results that you’re looking for. And by action oriented language, I mean verbs.

Let’s use that new property open house example one more time. Sending an email saying “We’re having an open house for our new property on Saturday” only gives your audience information; it doesn’t actually ask them to do anything. So many people might read that and say “Oh, that’s nice. They’re having an open house.”

But what you really want is for them to COME to the open house, so you need to include languaging that lays that out for them. So you might try “Make sure you join us THIS SATURDAY for an open house at XXX property.” or “Don’t miss this Saturday’s open house”. The small change in languaging will help to push people towards the action that you want them to take.


Follow The 5 C’s Of Copywriting

When you’re writing email copy (or any other copy, for that matter), you want to make sure you refer to our Copywriting Tips For Real Estate Agents guide and follow the 5 C’s of Copywriting:

Keep It Concise

Keep It Conversational

Keep It Confident

Keep It Captivating

Keep It Clearly Structured


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