Elements Of A Great Marketing Brochure

BRO_HEROAs a real estate agent, the marketing brochure is one of your essential pieces of marketing collateral.  4pp (4 page) marketing brochures give you the opportunity to showcase new properties to potential buyers, build awareness in your local market and drive more business. Many real estate agents also use brochures for additional marketing initiatives, like introducing themselves and their business to a new neighborhood or market or educating clients on current market trends.

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, having great marketing brochures is a non-negotiable.

But what are the elements of a great marketing brochure? What takes a marketing brochure from “just ok” to “exceptional”? What should you integrate into your marketing brochure to make sure that it stands out from the pack and makes an impact on your client base?


A Compelling Cover

The cover of the marketing brochure is the first thing that your clients are going to see, and as the old saying goes, you can’t make a first impression twice. The cover is what’s going to determine whether or not your clients actually open the marketing brochure and see your messaging. If it’s not compelling, they’re not going to open it.

Make sure that your cover visually grabs the reader’s attention. Include a headline that lets your clients know the value they can expect. Give them just enough information that they’re intrigued to open the marketing brochure to learn more.


The Right Colour Scheme

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your brochure, you want to make sure you use the right colours. Colour psychology is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Different colours evoke different reactions in people, and leveraging the right colour scheme can inspire specific behaviors in your audience.

For example, red tends to make people more aggressive and can make them more prone to purchase, so it’s often used to influence buying. Read would be a great colour to use if you’re showcasing a property that you want to unload quickly. On the other end of the spectrum, blue produces a calm and serene effect and is best used when trying to build positive brand sentiment. Blue would be a great colour to use if you’re introducing yourself to a new market and want to build trust with a new audience.

Depending on the end goal of your marketing brochure, using the right combination of colours can make a serious impact in the effectiveness of your campaign.


Solid Content

No matter how well your marketing brochure is designed, if the content is lacking, you’re not going to see results. Content, both written and visual, is absolutely essential in a great marketing brochure.

For written content, make sure you follow the the 5 C’s of copywriting from our copywriting tips for real estate agents and develop dynamic copy that will connect with your audience. From a visual perspective, make sure you use photos that showcase your properties in the best light and impeccably designed graphics.


Call To Action

The final element to a great marketing brochure is a call to action. Just like any other marketing initiative, you need to be crystal clear on your expectations with your audience; otherwise, they won’t take action.

Want them to come to the open house? End the marketing brochure with “Don’t Miss Our Open House!” with details of the event. Want them to check out your agent listing site? Include a URL with languaging directing them to check out your web presence. Whatever you want them to do, make sure it’s communicated clearly. You’ll also want to make sure that you visually call attention to it; the last thing you want is for your call to action to get lost among the other elements of your marketing brochure and, as such, ignored by your audience.


How Can We Help?

At Rogue Print and Mail, we understand the real estate industry and are a trusted design and print partner for many hundreds of real estate professionals across Australia. Our proven track record of delivering the highest quality print services to real estate professionals speaks for itself. With fast turnaround times, real-estate specific templates and designs, an online portal available for any groups that wish to work with us to be able to store and manipulate their templates, and an in-house team to guide you in all of your branding, design and printing needs, Rogue Print and Mail is the preferred design and print partner for many hundreds of real estate professionals across Australia.

I sincerely hope that you found this information valuable.  For advice on effective branding, design and cross media marketing, please don’t hesitate to call me on 1300 65 85 00 or email me at paul.stenhouse@rogueprintandmail.com.au  to arrange an obligation free 10 minute discussion with a member of our expert team.


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