Content Marketing For Real Estate Agents: Writing Copy That Converts

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During the course of your content marketing strategy for your real estate business, you’re going to have to write many different types of copy: website copy, email copy, social media copy. And often times, that copy can be pretty casual and off-the-cuff.

But there’s going to be certain occasions where you need to write copy that moves your clients and customers to take action, whether that’s listing their home with you, coming to your open house or becoming an affiliate for your real estate marketing course. I’m talking about writing copy that converts?

But how exactly do you do that? How do you write copy that inspires your audience to take action and converts them from leads to customer or prospects to clients?


Tip 1: Know Who You’re Writing To

Perhaps the most important component of writing copy that converts is knowing who you’re writing to. The most effective copy works because the reader feels like you are speaking directly to them. You should know your audience better than anyone else: the things that they love, the things they hate, the things that they’re looking for in a home, what appeals to them about your specific market. And you need to use that knowledge in order to get them to take action.

Create an ideal customer avatar who represents the majority of your audience. When you’re writing your copy, write to that one customer. Write as if you were talking specifically to them. You’re going to notice a significantly higher conversion rate when you write to a specific person as opposed to a more generalized approach.


Tip #2: Always Write In The Second Person

Building on Tip #1 and writing to a specific person, you’re going to want to always use the second tense and the word “you” in your copy.

For example, instead of writing “Get more information about Brisbane’s housing marketing by clicking here”, try “I’ve put together a report just for you outlining the current market in Brisbane and how it affects your home search. Click here to get your custom report delivered straight to your inbox!”

Writing the copy in the second tense and making it about them creates a more personalized experience and will up your conversions.


Tip #3: Keep It Concise

Going back to our Copywriting Tips For Real Estate Agents, you’re going to want to keep your copy as concise as possible when you’re trying to inspire action with your audience.

Think about it: the longer it takes for them to get to your Call To Action, the more likely you are to lose them along the way. People have limited attention spans, and in order to have the highest conversion rate, you’re going to want to get the point as succinctly as possible.

Tighten up your copy and eliminate filler words, unnecessary adjectives and redundant phrases.


Tip #4: Split Test

We’ve covered why you need to split test your Facebook ads, but split testing is just as relevant when it comes to copy. In order to get copy that seriously converts, you need to constantly be split testing and optimizing it to be the most effective.

For example, say you’re writing a template to be used for all future open houses and your CTA is to have readers sign up to attend. You should write one version of the template, and then create a replica with one minor change (like switching the wording or the location of the CTA). Then send each email out to half of your list, and track the performance. The next time you have an open house, take the email that performed better and repeat the process, changing/testing another detail.

Split testing in this way is going to give you insights into your audience that you can carry over into other pieces of content and continually optimize your existing copy for the best results.

If you follow these 4 tips, you’ll be writing copy that converts and takes your real estate business to a whole new level.


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