A Guide To Facebook Ads

facebook ad imageWe’ve already talked about the importance of Facebook in your marketing strategy and the power of advertising through Facebook to reach your customers.

But one thing we haven’t really covered is the HOW – which, unless you’re already a social media guru, would obviously be helpful.

So we decided to put together a guide to Facebook ads to help illustrate exactly how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign.

So here is A Guide To Facebook Ads: Part 1.


How Do I Target The Right People On Facebook?

So, depending on the end goal for your Facebook ad campaign, there’s a few different ways to find the people and audiences you want to target.

To Get “Likes”

If you’re running a “Like” campaign (meaning that you’re trying to get new potential customers to like your page), then a solid strategy is to target competitor audiences. Because if people have already “liked” your direct competitor, then chances are they would be open to liking you as well.

Now, keep in mind you if you want the best results you can’t simply target every business that mildly resembles yours. For example, say you own a online women’s clothing retailer targeted towards teen. Someone who is interested in a couture fashion retailer probably wouldn’t be the right fit . You’re going to want to look for another company that’s on the same level as you (similar branding, similar locations and/or similar followers) and then go after their audiences with tailored messaging.

If you want to take it a step further, you can use Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool. The Audience Insight Tool is an excellent tool to help you expand your reach. Let’s look at this in action:  say you know that the audience that you’re going after all like Business Number 1. You can type Business Number 1 into the Audience Insight Tool, and Facebook will spit out other pages that the audience of Business Number 1 “likes” (like Business 2, Business 3 and Business 4).


To Drive New Customers

If you’re sole purpose in running Facebook ads is to drive traffic to your sales page, then a great way to run your campaign is to target people who have already liked your page.

Now, you might be thinking “Why do I need to run an ad if they like my page? Why can’t I just post it to my audience?” Unfortunately, Facebook has made it increasingly difficult to communicate with your audience without paying for it.

But luckily, running a Facebook ad campaign to your followers is a fairly affordable option. And since you know they’re already interested in your brand (or what’s known in the marketing world as “warm traffic”), running ads to them will have a significantly higher ROI.


How Do I Choose Images For My Ad?

Choosing the right image for your Facebook ad is crucial – it can mean the difference between seeing a significant jump in your customer base and profits OR seeing a zero return on your investment.

Here are some tips for choosing images for your ad:

Stand Out

An effective ad image is always an original one. The last thing that you want to do is use the same stock image that all of your competitors are using. Think outside of the box, be bold and choose an image that will differentiate you from the competition.

Choose The Right Colors

Following along the lines of standing out, you want your ad to to be visually interesting and make good use of color. Use contrasting and/or multiple colors that make a statement.

Or Make A Statement By Using No Color

Another option to think about is to use no color: sometimes the absence of color is the biggest statement of all. Because Facebook is saturated with so many images, sometimes using a white background can actually help you differentiate yourself from your competitors who have gone the color route.

Utilize The 20% Rule

If you’re including text in your image, Facebook will only approve your ad image if the text takes up 20% or less of your total image space. Make sure that your text-to-image ratio is in line with the 20% rule before posting your ad.

Also, make sure you size your images correctly – 1200 by 628 pixels and you’re good to go.

If you struggle with design, it’s a great investment to hire a graphic design partner to design your Facebook ads. Make sure you find a partner with experience designing for Facebook.

So that’s it for A Guide To Facebook Ads: Part 1. Next week, we’ll cover how to write great ad copy, why you should split test your ads and how to effectively budget for your campaigns.


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