Apps To Throw The Perfect Open House

App ImageIn 2016, we use apps for everything. We use apps to keep us more productive in our real estate business, apps to manage our calendars and even apps to take care of household chores like cleaning or walking the dog.

So why not use apps to throw an open house that will get your property sold?

Here are 4 apps to help you throw the perfect open house:


Open House Toolkit

Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle


Open House Toolkit is a digital sign-in sheet designed by a real estate agent to significantly streamline the processes related to your open house and keep things simple and easy for you, the agent. Open House Toolkit allows you to create custom sign-in sheets for each open house and property, then collects the relative data. You can run reports, send “thank you” notes to potential buyers and send real time attendee lists to your sellers.

Open House Toolkit easily syncs with multiple devices, works both when you’re connected to WiFi and when you’re offline and integrates with multiple CRMs, making exporting your open house data super simple.

Other features include:

  • Customizable Slideshows for Sign-In sheets to showcase the property
  • Simple listings entry process
  • Robust data analysis options
  • Automatic data backup on Open House Toolkit’s servers to protect your data in case of a lost or damaged tablet


AM Open House

Android, iOS


AM Open House is one of the broader open house apps on the market. AM Open House boasts an array of features, including a digital sign in sheet, Real Estate CRM integration with over 20 providers (including Contactually, MailChimp and RealtyJuggler) and social sharing options.

AM Open House also has a lot to offer in the way of communication. AM Open House has a text option that allows you to customize text templates, schedule automated texts and send out specific property and open house invites to your list via text. AM Open House is also a great lead management tool; it allows you to add notes in real time and then export all of the lead information into your CRM for follow up.

Other features include:

  • Email Reporting and Analysis
  • Automated Seller Reports
  • Online Property Management
  • The ability to run multiple open houses concurrently


Open Home Pro

Android, iOS


If you’re going to be doing a significant amount of follow up after your open house, and want to keep everything related to your open house in one place, then Open Home Pro is a great option. Open Home Pro offers similar features as the other apps we’ve covered (digital sign-in sheet, automated sellers report, etc.), but Open Home Pro is unique in that it really focuses on managing your leads once the open house wraps up.

Open Home Pro allows you to create personalized lead emails to better connect with prospective buyers. You can also brand your emails with your photo, additional listing links and your logo.


Survey Monkey

Android, iOS

Free and Premium Options Available

The key to throwing the perfect house is to constantly be striving to improve. And the best way to know how you can improve on your next open house is to ask the attendees of your most recent open house.

While not an open house management app, Survey Monkey is a great app for collecting unbiased feedback from your open house attendees to see how you can continue to increase the quality level of your open houses and, ultimately, sell more properties.

Survey Monkey allows you to put together customized surveys that you can send out to your attendee list. Attendees can respond anonymously and give you feedback on everything from the property and how it was staged to the food and overall ambience on your event.

Survey Monkey is easy to set up and allows you to ask multiple choice, rating and open ended questions.


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