10 Tips for Faster, More Efficient Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is one of the most effective forms of marketing, and is definitely one that should not be overlooked. Some agencies may view direct mail campaigns as being a waste of time and money, but they are actually anything but. Getting the right message out to prospective buyers and sellers is critical,  and direct mail marketing helps real estate agents do exactly that – and on a frequent basis.

With effective direct mail campaigns, real estate agencies are able ensure they capture their reader’s attention, and compel them to take action that will lead to a sale.

Here are 10 surefire direct mail marketing tips to help you convey the message you want to get across – in the way you need.

1: Minimize the use of buzzwords


Phrases and words like “360-degree”, “below market value”, “no money down”, “no mortgage needed”, and “FREE!” may sound like great content marketing buzzwords, but they actually send up red flags for your readers.

Cut down on the use of buzzwords, and your mailer will seem more professional and sound less like a sales pitch. It’s best to sell to a client without actually sounding like that is what you are doing.

2: Use short copy to keep the reader engaged and interested


Advertising copy directed toward Australian adults should be written at a reading grade of 9 or below. This can be done by using shorter words and sentences, and creating content with the lowest word count possible.

By hiring a professional writer who will keep this mind when creating copy, real estate agencies are far more likely to reach their target buyers and sellers.

3: Hire a professional printing company or service


Working with a professional print and mail company will not only save real estate agencies precious time that could be better spent closing sales, but it will also ensure their marketing pieces look more professional.

Professional print and mail companies offer a wide range of designs, a vast array of print solutions, and the best mailing solutions to fit your budget and the size of your mailer. Their experience and service ensure your direct mail marketing pieces look attractive, compelling, and professional, whilst maintaining your brand standards including fonts and colour requirements.

4: Include a reply card, or type of contact method


At its most basic level, a direct mailer should include an envelope and postcard or letter of some sort. It’s best, though, to make sure to also include a reply card or some other type of order form.

With technology being the way it is, most direct marketers are also using landing pages for their responses. While this is a great method that should not be overlooked, it’s still best to include reply cards as an additional option. Landing pages are great, but giving prospective clients choices will go a long way.

In your direct mail marketing campaigns, you will want to include multiple response avenues – landing page, phone number, and a reply card or form. Even if you don’t expect the majority of your readers to use the reply card (as opposed to the other response channels), it still serves as a tangible reminder that they should respond. Combine this with a direct call-to-action within your copy, and the prospective client is far more likely to follow through with contact.

5: End a page in the middle of a sentence


Rather than going all the way to the end, end a page of copy in the middle of a sentence. This encourages prospective clients to keep reading along, and the action of actually turn the page, turning the card over, or opening the brochure, will keep the reader engaged. They will be more compelled to follow the call-to-action, since they have been actively involved in your mailer.

6: Use a compelling “P.S.” in your copy


“P.S.,” which stands for “Post Script” is actually one of the most frequently read parts of sales copy, and is a very effective means of compelling readers to take action.

Since the “P.S.” originated in letter correspondence, it has a more personal and humanistic feel to it. This makes it easier for clients to trust your agency brand, or individual real estate agent. It stands out, and grabs the reader’s attention.

7: Personalize the mailer as much as possible


By including a photo of yourself or another real estate agent, you create a personal relationships of sorts with your prospective client. Take your target reader into account when selecting the image to use for your mailer. Would it be better to use an image of your agency, or an individual agent?

8: Include headlines and calls-to-action that create excitement


By getting readers excited about your content, the readers will be more likely to take action (using the reply card) if they see a direct benefit to doing so. By making your readers feel as though they will be missing out if they do not take action, you are compelling them to follow your call-to-action.

9: Include your website address on all advertisements


By including this modern contact information, your credibility and authority are increased. In this day of technology, your agency could be viewed in a negative light, or thought to be a scam, if you do not have the web address for your website listed. It also appears more professional than just a phone number would, and it helps boost your website traffic.

10: Bulk up your mailer


It has been proven that lumpy mailers get more attention than crisp and flat mailers. Oddly shaped envelopes are for more likely to be opened because they are interesting and pique the reader’s curiosity.

Putting It All Together


By using direct mail marketing, real estate agencies are able to save money, track their results, and target their advertising campaigns. Incorporating direct mail marketing into your marketing strategy will help guarantee you get the results and prospective buyers you are looking for. Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign by following the ten surefire tips mentioned above.

At Rogue Print and Mail, we have invested in incredible software that allows us to run highly personalised direct mail marketing campaigns, which take into account the aforementioned tips and benefits. Fully integrated campaigns that allow you to gather more and better data regarding your potential clients, and in turn, then allows you to market in a more targeted manner than ever before.

We are a print, design, signage, and mail-house company with a combined team experience of over 40 years within the print industry. Pair this with state-of-the art print and finish equipment, and our passion for bringing you the most efficient and cost effective solutions available, and you have a print partnership you can count on!

Check out our online print ordering website, www.rogueprintandmail.com.au, for more information about our services. Give us a call on 1300 65 85 00 for a quote, or send us an email at quotes@rogueprintandmail.com.au.


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